Acupuncture Simplified:

Acupuncture works within an energetic system of meridian pathways. From a physiologic perspective, these energy pathways are very connected with the blood flow of the body. These pathways have hundreds of points along the way that when needled, massaged, tapped, heated (moxibustion), can access the entire system, and improve energy and blood flow.  Every time you lay hands on the human body, you are accessing this system whether you are doing it consciously or not.  The Acupuncture points are simply a gateway to the body’s whole energy system.

My approach to an Acupuncture treatment:

I have studied several vastly different styles of Acupuncture and Manual Body Work Techniques over the years. My favorite styles are Master Tung's and DNA. 

Master Tung’s style is a wonderful system that consists of many points not even on the 14 meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  These points, often referred to as magic points are from an ancient lineage and can be truly miraculous for severe illness and pain.  

DNA: distal needling Acupuncture. With this method, the area of pain is imaged distally on the body so the area of pain is not needled. This leaves the area of pain open for massage, or microcurrent. So, for example, the shoulder can be needled to treat the hip, the ankle can be needled to treat the neck. a message goes from the needle to the brain and out to the painful body part. This method is my favorite method for treating pain. It works!

TCM: (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Acupuncture is the style mainly taught in US schools. This style is important for both diagnosing imbalances and coming up with appropriate Herbal formulas.  

Massage/Myofascial release: I have a very palpation oriented approach.  After finding out what your primary concerns are, and after doing an assessment, I draw heavily on touch and let my hands tell me where you need manual work. 

My treatments tend to last between 1 and 2 hours. Unlike many practitioners in town, who see between 2-6 people in an hour, I currently see 1-2 people at a time.  This allows me a lot more time with clients.  It also allows me the time to make any adjustments necessary during the treatment to make sure the needles are having the desired effect.  

I am also available after work hours via phone or email to answer any questions and follow up on progress.