The practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine is thousands of years old. I use a Medical Pulse Diagnosis technique which enables me to feel your radial (wrist) pulse and determine which of your organs are most out of balance and in what direction they are out of balance. For example, I will know from your pulse if you are too hot, or too cold, or deficient or excess or damp or dry. I will know if your Stomach, Liver, Heart, Kidneys, Gall Bladder or Lungs are at the root of your ailments. 

I also use Ear, Tongue diagnosis, thorough questioning and palpation to confirm what I feel in the pulse. This enables me to prescribe Chinese Herbs with confidence. Diagnosis is the most difficult aspect of a good herbal treatment. Without good diagnosis, practitioners are just guessing. 10 people can have the same disease with completely different root causes. Therefore the same disease will get vastly different herbal treatment in different people.

I use granules that are from the most ethical high quality companies insuring the best in organic purity and potency. I custom mix formulas to treat exactly what I feel in the pulse. Every week or two, patients come back in for a recheck and the formula is then changed to treat the improved condition. 

There are hundreds of herbs that are available to be used to gently nudge your body back towards balance. This is a gentle and powerful way to heal the body. This style of herbal prescribing doesn't just treat symptoms, it treats the root cause of illness.