"I wholeheartedly recommend Janet Hague as a gifted practitioner of the EFT process and a master Acupuncturist. In the aftermath of a traumatic incident, her highly intuitive and sensitive approach using EFT allowed me to quickly process buried feelings and experience a profound sense of integration and completion. I felt like she had defragged my internal wiring around the event and assisted me in elucidating its connection to deeper issues. Each session with Janet has been phenomenal in creating a felt sense of shift and empowerment. Her deep dedication to her work and her clients health is evident." 
~Lexi Parrott, MPH, CHt
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Nutritionist

"I am a registered nurse with 25 years of experience in the traditional allopathic model of health care delivery. I have always been very mainstream in my practice including my approach to patient care and self care. I was at cross roads with this approach. As you will see it was not working for me. I discovered EFT and researched it a bit and found some limited success with its use but found I needed a skilled practitioner to help me get the best results.
When I first came to Janet Hague for EFT I had terrible shoulder pain and very limited range of motion that had not responded to physical therapy, massage or medications. I had been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder and was dealing with the pain and loss of range of motion for over 3 years. With the use of EFT Janet helped me identify the emotional source of the pain. After just one session the pain subsided, my range of motion improved tremendously and I came to a very deep awareness of issues I had not been able to deal with utilizing traditional talk therapy. Janet is very intuitive and has amazing skill in the use of EFT to guide one through deep seated issues that are resistant to other therapies.  I have come miles beyond the issues that have plagued me for years. In addition to the shoulder pain I was 70 lbs over weight, had diabetes out of control and was an emotional wreck. Not only is my shoulder pain virtually gone, EFT had opened me up to be able to find the way to lose weight, and my diabetes is in remission. Working out the emotional issues is the core of a really significant recovery. I am no longer held back by unidentified emotional pain. I want everyone to experience this truly phenomenal therapy with a very skilled practitioner like Janet."
~Rose M Jackson RN

"I came to see Janet when I was interested in learning more about EFT and along with that was able to experience emotional acupuncture based on her recommendation.  I always left an appt. feeling so at peace and noticed that it continued to radiate into my daily life.   Janet really helped me overcome some blocks I was unaware I even had and her approach was always with compassion."
~Kelly, Portland, OR

"Janet's artistry and knowledge of acupuncture coupled with her remarkable intuition and genuine desire for my restored wellbeing have transformed my core energy pathways. Janet has given me hope to thrive again and not just survive."  
~Fran,  Portland, OR

"I have seen Janet many times for acupuncture to alleviate pain, help with asthma and allergies and when I am either coming down with a cold or am having difficulty getting rid of a cold or flu.  Janet is a gifted acupuncturist.  She has an amazing ability to read the body and is confident and gentle.  I have gained relief from my symptoms each time I have had a treatment."
~Lee Hamilton, Portland, OR
Divorce Coach, Mediator, Facilitator

“I have tried hypnosis for my fear of public speaking without success.  Janet suggested I try EFT for this issue, and it worked wonders.  Working with Janet was a great experience, and I found her to be a very gifted EFT practitioner.  During every session we had together, she was present, insightful, focused and empathetic.  Her ability to target in on my key issues with kindness, wisdom, and tact allowed me to feel safe when exploring different aspects of this fear.   I highly recommend working with Janet if you are considering changing some part of your life that is no longer beneficial to you.”
~Sue R., Portland, Oregon

“I had a phobia where I was afraid of driving across bridges. The symptoms were so awful that I had to avoid driving my car across them altogether. After 15 minutes of EFT treatment with Janet, I can now drive across the huge George Washington Bridge in New York City effortlessly and without any symptoms of panic. Thank you, Janet!!”
~Jennie,  New York, NY

"Due to some recent issues with a muscle strain issue I had to go back in and have more blood drawn again yesterday! It went much smoother than last time and I didn't even shed a tear! I only had a couple of hours to prepare for it, so I tapped beforehand and then again while going thru the procedure. I wasn't totally calm, but I was more at peace with it. But the best news is I made it through the entire thing without even shedding a tear! Thank you for all the work you have done to help me in this time of need."  
~Yvonne, Portland, OR

"Dear Janet,
This morning I quickly taught the basics of EFT to a friend who was about to fly to Europe. He has a very strong fear of flying. His wife joked that I had paid a good amount of money for someone to teach me what I had just demonstrated in five minutes. So I thought about why it was important for me to see you, a practitioner. 

For one thing, my vein phobia used to be so intense that delving into it on my own could leave me dizzy and incapacitated -- hardly able to do EFT tapping. 

You are so warm, persistent, and detail-oriented. You showed me the nuances of the technique, as well as the attitude to cultivate while doing it. 

It was also great that you are an acupuncturist and could really tease out the physical, mental and spiritual elements that are tangled up in these types of problems. (Not to mention threaten me with a needle -- at my request -- so I could work through my phobia in a real situation.) 

I am sort of amazed at the progress I've made. This issue is something that I've been dealing with for so long it's become a part of me. So it seemed impossible and even scary to try to get rid of that "part." You gave me a wonderful perspective on that feeling, as well as techniques that I can use at any time. And best of all, I am on my way to being ok in medical situations. Thank you!"

Elizabeth, Portland, OR

"I've had a fear of needles for 55 years & tried EFT for this, on my own, without success.  Janet was able to discover many aspects of my fear & help me work through them.   I still can hardly believe that on my fourth visit I agreed to let Janet give me acupuncture.  I was calm and not at all distressed about the needles.  The EFT sessions with Janet have truly changed the way I react to needles.

I'm sure that part of the success was due to the fact that I could feel comfortable with Janet.  I'm watching operations without much distress.  I found video of a family getting their flu shots, complete with crying child, and I tap my way through it.  I continue to tap on anything that comes to mind about the original event.  I really do feel different in a way I can't quite explain.  I'm really glad that I found Janet on that website.  And I really appreciate the way she seemed to get into my brain & figure out where to take the tapping.  Thank you!" Melede, HI


"Since I've seen Janet my ankle really is feeling so much less discomfort, dare I say pain, than it did before she worked her magic on it. Since I'd sprained it last August it'd been bothering me with varying degrees on annoying-ness. From just noticeable to flat out hurting. She had worked on it before with needles, I'd had it adjusted by my chiropractor, and a masseuse or two but to no avail really. With Janet working on it a week ago with this NPT, I've really experienced a marked amount less pain in my ankle. On a scale from 100-0, I'd say it's gone from 100, to about an 8 and now to a 2. Wow. It even went so far as to make this weird thing go away on my knee that had been happening since soon after the ankle sprain. Not only was my right side out of whack (knee, hip, pelvis) from it, but I started to develop this intense acute pain on my knee cap, like I was kneeling on a tack or nail, whenever I would kneel on my right knee. And now, no tack, I was blown away! Thank You Janet! I would recommend this work to anyone experiencing chronic pain from a previous injury, you might even be able to avoid more expensive and intrusive therapies. This really worked for me, it was pretty amazing."
Amy Buettner

"I came to Janet after being referred to her by my chiropractor following an automobile accident. Prior to the accident I had chronic hip and lower back pain due to scoliosis of the spine. For the last ten years I had just learned to endure the pain. The auto accident exacerbated the pain level to the point that I needed to address the situation. Extremely tired of the ongoing pain and discomfort I was willing to seek treatment. I came to Janet in January 2013 resulting in about 4 or 5 treatments of massage and acupuncture. The treatments removed all back and hip pain. Three months later I still remain pain free and feeling great. In addition at 66 I have more body flexibility and increased energy? not experienced in 25 years. I feel like a new man. I confidently recommend Janet to anyone needing treatment and her services. She is amazing."
Dr. Rob Robinson 
Mentor, Life Coach 
Vancouver, WA 

"After 25 years of suffering from chronic migraines as well as severe neck and back pain I can actually say that thanks to Janet, I finally have days where I am not in pain. 
I have seen my share of pain specialists, neurologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc. hoping to ease my pain and get some kind of relief.
For the first time in many years, Janet has given me hope and actually reduced my chronic pain symptoms. For anyone that has tried everything and everyone for pain, I can’t urge you enough to to set up an appointment with Janet. I am in disbelief that I have lived with pain so many years and after just a few visits, I felt relief. Janet is truly amazing and an expert at what she does."

Colleen-Portland, OR 
​Director of Sales