My story, early on, is like many others in the healing field. With a troubled childhood and lots of physical ailments early on, there was always a pull towards healing. As a result my journey has included both experiencing and studying a multitude of healing modalities. Ultimately, I’ve realized that healing occurs when people feel connected to each other. The individual healing techniques must occur within the context of a positive connection. In this environment, both practitioner and client are healing.

It is this intention of connection that I try to bring to my practice daily. In addition, I encourage my clients to make small changes consistently rather than massive changes that won’t hold. I encourage cultivation of emotional and physical awareness and kindness to self, applauding the tiny changes as they happen.

Healing is a journey. There is no beginning and end. We all flow in and out of balance. This is part of the human process. Making peace with the journey is what it’s all about.